It all started with the music!

Refusing to be pigeonholed, Pevan & Sarah’s sounds and influences are as diverse as their subject matter, all effortlessly assembled into a catalogue of banger tunes skilfully compiled to be the well-loved soundtrack of childhood memories!

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Music is so accessible for everybody – you find music in every culture around the world. The incidental learning that goes along with music is so powerful! There is music for everyone, it’s non-discriminative, it will find you. It’s an art form and it takes on its own life and people are drawn to it. It doesn’t matter about the style or the genre, it’s going to talk to someone. All we want is for our music to reach that one person who really needs to hear it. That’s who we’re writing it for.

–  Manny Kechayas

With important themes like resilience, empathy, and kindness resonating throughout their music, it wasn’t a surprise that Pevan & Sarah’s third album ‘Be Kind’ was picked up by ABC Music. Don’t be fooled by their education degrees, these teachers really know how to rock, while sharing important messages like “It’s OK to Make Mistakes” and “Please & Thank You”.

Pevan the cuddly tiger and his vivacious bestie Sarah are delighting young audiences all over Australia with their groovy moves, catchy songs and highly engaging live shows. So don your tiger ears and prepare to have your stripes blown off by this loveable and dynamic Aussie duo.

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