Pevan & Sarah are Melbourne's hottest music act for kids!

A cuddly tiger with all the moves paired with his best friend Sarah, the musical pocket-rocket, make for a highly energetic and engaging show that is not to be missed.

Using their teaching experience to guide their creative endeavours, Pevan & Sarah have created a gigantic range of engaging and educational resources, designed to assist students learn important lessons like resilience, kindness, literacy, numeracy and whole body movement. These resources also support teachers with extra resources to allow them more time to be with their students.

With 3 smash hit albums under their belt, the dynamic duo has been busy performing all over Australia and have experienced some career highlights including appearances at St Kilda Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal, Luna Park and a residency on Hamilton Island.

Pevan & Sarah beat the likes of Peppa Pig and Mister Maker to take out the national title of “Best Live Children’s Entertainment” at the What’s On 4 Kids Awards in Brisbane.

Pevan & Sarah have rubbed shoulders with children’s entertainment royalty like Giggle & Hoot, Justine Clarke and The Wiggles, with a number of original hits featuring on ABC KIDS albums such as “Christmas Hits”, “Sing & Learn” and “Best of ABC KIDS”.

Although written for children, Pevan & Sarah’s music engages both the young and the young at heart. For the music enthusiast, the rhythms and genres are as diverse as the subject matter – all written, performed and professionally produced by the Pevan & Sarah team.

Pevan & Sarah enjoy engaging with the entourage of mini maestros who love to sing and dance with the vibrant pair whenever they hit the stage or screen. Their music is upbeat, catchy and infectious, ensuring fun for the whole family.

Meet the faces behind
Pevan & Sarah!



“It’s a teachers job to understand that every child learns differently – ‘if they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn’. 

In my classroom, I noticed that the kids were really reacting to the music I would play. This allowed me to engage with some kids I had previously struggled to connect with. 

Instead of saying my ‘go to’ teacher lines like ‘it’s okay to make mistakes’, I began to sing them to the kids. The result was remarkable. I was reaching my students on a whole new level.” 



“Music is so accessible for everybody – you find music in every culture around the world. The incidental learning that goes along with music is so powerful! 

There is music for everyone, it’s non-discriminative, it will find you. It’s an art form and it takes on its own life and people are drawn to it. 

It doesn’t matter about the style or the genre, it’s going to talk to someone. All we want is for our music to reach that one person who really needs to hear it. That’s who we’re writing it for.”


... and Pevan!

“Sarah and I had been friends for years, so when she mentioned she wanted to write music to help her students to learn, I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with her.

Now, I’m the first to admit, I haven’t got the best singing voice in the jungle, but what I lack in tone and pitch, I more than make up for with my awesome dance moves, expressive rap skills and all round cuddliness.

My favourite part of this whole project has been meeting so many little ones who all love our music. I have the best job in the world!”

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